ICR information

One of the main tasks of the project "MoPED - Modernization of Pedagogical Higher Education by Innovative Teaching Instruments" is to develop the concept of creating an innovative classroom (ICR).

The purpose of ICR is to create an educational ecosystem at the university for the modernization of pedagogical education, creating conditions for preparing future teachers and research and teaching staff to use new advanced technologies in their professional activities in accordance with the directions of the New Ukrainian School program.

The main tasks of creating an ICR:

- formation of the university educational ecosystem for conducting classes at a high scientific and methodological level with the use of modern technologies;

- formation of skills of work with use of the modern equipment;

- dissemination of European experience in the use of innovative tools and teaching methods;

- ensuring interdisciplinary connections in education;

- improving the system of training and retraining of highly qualified teachers at the regional level;

- promoting STEAM training, involving school teachers in cooperation and intensifying innovative pedagogical activities in the region;

- creation of a new innovative educational center in the Luhansk region.

 In order to increase the efficiency of ICR creation on the basis of analysis of the accumulated experience of the best foreign educational institutions, the following was developed:the concept of creating an ICR,   ICR implementation roadmap.

Thus, a new computer center will be created at the university and in the Luhansk region, consolidating the innovative efforts of teachers in the region, which has new hardware that allows the use of modern innovative teaching methods.

According to the project, after receiving (see photos)  the equipment, its installation, software debugging and test implementation will be carried out.

Documents on the use of equipment are attached.

At the first stage of implementation in ICR it is planned to teach courses for future teachers: Developmental learning in school with the help of 3D modeling and robotics; Gamification (teaching computer science) at school; Methods of using digital technologies in the educational process of the school.

In the future, the organization of the ICR, its open nature will contribute to the development of innovation in the university and in the region, the formation of a team of agents of change in the modern Ukrainian school. ICR activities are aimed at educating students and masters of pedagogical and computer specialties of the university, conducting master classes and trainings for university teachers and teachers of secondary schools, improving the quality of teaching computer science in other specialties of the university.

ICR will be the basis for the development, testing and implementation of innovative courses to modernize teacher education at the university, acquaintance with the latest e-learning tools for future teachers, university professors, teachers of secondary schools and more.

This ICR will be used by teachers, graduate students, students, administrative staff of the university, students and teachers of colleges and lyceums, schoolchildren and teachers of schools in the Luhansk region. It is planned to involve employers, promotion institutions qualifications of all levels, scientists from different regions of Ukraine during conferences, round tables and seminars.

Watch a short video about the first option at the link


The new computer center (ICR) of the university provides three interconnected areas (see photos of the new laboratory ICR) They have been operating since March 2020:

  • Creative training area (ICR1) contains multimedia equipment, computer gadgets, furniture-transformers. All this together allows you to design different types of group and individual learning activities: presentations, trainings, brainstorming, teamwork, preparation of design work for practical implementation in other areas; public protection of work performed;
  • 3d-modeling area (ICR2) contains basic and auxiliary equipment for practical implementation of projects in the field of 3D-modeling, additional calculation work, work with ready-made engineering solutions and models using portable computer equipment, server and network solutions;
  • zone of engineering creativity and robotics (ICR3) is intended for practical work with works and other educational equipment, which is intended for engineering creativity.

Additionally, there is a zone of independent work and a zone of specialized equipment.

1 2
3 4
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These zones have their own peculiarities of use, for example, in ICR1 with the help of new pedagogical technologies the presentation of new educational material and its initial mastering is carried out, there is preparation, discussion, development of models and projects and their preliminary testing. After the initial approval of the projects, the learners move to ICR2 and ICR3 zones, where they perform practical work and implement the models. Project presentation, discussion and evaluation takes place in ICR1.

ICR was established in Rubizhne in the structural unit of the university - IFMIT, maintenance and support will be provided by IFMIT staff - engineers and laboratory assistants of the departments of information technology and systems (ITS), physical and technical systems and informatics (FTSI). In the future, ICR will become an integral part of the entire information system and will be integrated with other computer classes - general technical support is provided by the staff of the Center for Information Technology of the University.

ICR is used on a schedule for all IFMIT majors and the university as a whole. Priority for specialties of pedagogical and computer direction and disciplines of information orientation. In the future, ICR guidance materials will be created and permanent employment in two shifts is planned. The coordinator is the IFMIT directorate.

The general structure of ISR is shown in the following figure.