Dissemination of project results

Important components of the project "MoPED- Modernization of Pedagogical Higher Education by Innovative Teaching Instruments” are:

  •  conducting training for teachers of Ukrainian pedagogical educational institutions, in order to disseminate the gained experience;
  •  creating effective cooperation between European and Ukrainian pedagogical higher education institutions, school teachers, and associations in order to strengthen internationalization, knowledge transfer, and academic potential.


In order to disseminate the accumulated survey and implement the results of the project, the State University "Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University" has chosen the conclusion of long-term cooperation agreements as a strategic direction.

Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Gennady Mohylny and Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Systems, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Mykola Semenov have concluded cooperation agreements with:

  • Kreminna comprehensive school of I-III grades № 2 of Kreminna district council of Luhansk region 01/29/2019;
  • Severodonetsk Humanitarian and Aesthetic Gymnasium of Severodonetsk City Council of Luhansk Region 02/11/2018;
  • Rubizhne comprehensive school of I-III degrees № 9 12/11/2018.

These agreements provide for the promotion of teacher training, the creation of a system of continuing education, the development of creative abilities of students through career guidance, the implementation of the results of the project in educational practice.

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договір Р ЗОШ № 9


The agreements provide for an acquaintance of schoolteachers with modern means of using innovative teaching technologies, the creation of a system for improving the digital competence of teachers and students, conducting career guidance activities, the introduction of European best practices.


Within the framework of the agreements, teachers of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University conducted training for 75 teachers of educational institutions of the Luhansk region.

Training started in April 2019 with the training "Development of digital content for an in-depth lesson" on the topic "Introduction to in-depth learning", "Development of digital content", also all participants were registered in Moodle and provided advice on the basics of working with this system. Then classes continued in the distance form of the teacher studied the subject of training, performed tasks.

Thus, the training was conducted in parallel in three study groups. The first - in Severodonetsk on the basis of Severodonetsk Humanitarian and Aesthetic Gymnasium of Severodonetsk City Council of Luhansk region (completion - 28/10/2019), the second (completion - 31/10/2019) on the basis of Rubezhnoe secondary school I - III degrees № 9, and the third (completion - 30/10/2019) in Kreminna on the basis of Kreminna comprehensive school I - III degrees № 2 Kreminna district council of Luhansk region.













The training ended with the presentation of personal projects. Upon completion of training, teachers received certificates of completion of training.

The MoPED academic group is confident that the acquired knowledge will help to modernize the educational process in schools of the Luhansk region.

In addition, the project provided training for teachers of the departments of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. Active participation in the training was taken by:

  • Educational and Scientific Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology,
  • Educational and Scientific Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information technologies,
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences,
  • Educational and Scientific Institute of Physical education and Sports.

The training had the following topics:

"Critical thinking" (what is critical thinking, features of the organization of training in critical thinking, methods, and techniques of critical thinking, educational discussion, methods of reflection, the structure of training sessions on the use of critical thinking methods) coach Yurkіv Yaroslava (candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent) date 05 -06.09.2019;









"The use of innovative teaching tools to increase the efficiency of the educational process in higher educational institutions of pedagogical education" coaches Matsai Natalia, candidate of Agricultural Sciences, docent, Gubskaya Olga, senior lecturer dated 15-17.06.2019.

"Implementation of STEAM-education in higher education institutions" coaches Oleg Vinogradov, candidate of Medical Sciences, docent, Elena Guzhva, candidate of Biological Sciences, senior lecturer date 03-04.09.2019.

"The use of digital tools in the educational process of the university" coaches Gennady Mogilny, candidate of Technical Sciences, docent; Mykola Semenov, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, docent, date 17-18.09.2019.









The main purpose of the training is to acquaint university teachers with modern European educational teaching practices and methods of using innovative tools.

Among the participants of the training were representatives of various departments of the university, all of them showed interest in the topics of the training. They worked actively in groups, presented the developed projects, ideas on the use of digital technologies in the educational process.

At the end of the training, the participants provided their opinions (feedback) on the innovation, relevance, and value of classes, the general impression of the possibility of establishing joint work of teachers of different areas of research.