EcoSystem MoPED

One of the main tasks of the project «MoPED – Мodernization of Pedagogical Higher Education by Innovative Teaching Instruments) is the creation of an educational ecosystem MoPED (EcoSystem MoPED)

EcoSystem MoPED is designed to support the operational efficiency of 6 innovative classes created in each Ukrainian partner university and provides an effective partnership between universities and primary / secondary schools, teachers' associations, as well as disseminates best European practices and experience in modern information technology, progress  and teaching methods.

In addition, the creation of EcoSystem MoPED is supported by constant comments and a set of trainings from European universities (participants in the MoPED project), which have extensive experience in developing teaching methods and implementing international projects with a large number of participants.

To create the EcoSystem MoPED, the lead officer (P8) and other members of the consortium developed a concept for its creation.

The main goal of EcoSystem MoPED is to create an innovative professional environment between partner universities to promote, exchange and disseminate effective organizational, technical, pedagogical and other innovative solutions and features of their implementation in the educational process.

In general, EcoSystem MoPED solves the following tasks:

  • Interaction between individual centers (ICRs) established at each university.
  • Organization of professional seminars (online seminars with all partners and teachers of schools, associations), trade unions of school teachers to discuss current issues of science and technology, innovative tools and teaching methods in general secondary and higher education, the peculiarities of teaching disciplines STEAM.
  • Joint participation in Ukrainian and international programs, holding scientific events (Olympiads, competitions, defense of the works of the Junior Academy of Sciences) for student youth of partner universities on the basis of ICR LTSNU.
  • Providing opportunities for students in formal and non-formal education to study in courses developed under the MoPED project.
  • Conducting joint integrated classes by teachers of different universities and school teachers on the basis of ICR universities.
  • Introduction of courses (or individual modules) developed after the completion of the MoPED project in the partner universities to educational programs for higher education at the university.
  • Carrying out of scientific actions (olympiads, competitions, protection of works of MAN) for student's youth of universities-partners on the basis of ICR LTSNU.
  • Cooperation with other structural subdivisions of the University and Luhansk region (Olympiads, competitions, defense of works of the Academy of Sciences) on the basis of ICR LTSNU

Thus, the EcoSystem MoPED is a dynamic structure that integrates the individual learning environments created in each partner university.

At present, the EcoSystem MoPED of Taras Shevchenko LNU includes: